Set Combinations Australische Buschblüten / Australian Bush Flower Essences

Set Combinations / Australian Bush Flower Essences

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Set Combinations Australian Bush Flower Essences

This set consists of all 20 Australian Bushflower Essences Blends from Ian White.


The following blends 30 ml are included:

Abund Essence (wealth and abundance)

Adol Essence (puberty and change)

Calm & Clear Essence (relaxation)

Cognis Essence (learning and concentration)

Confid Essence (trust and self-worth)

Creative Essence (creativity and public)

Dynamis Essence (verve & joie de vivre)

Electro Essence (radiation)

Emergency Essence

Meditation Essence (spirituality)

Purifying Essence

Relationship Essence

Sexuality Essence (sexuality)

Solaris Essence (fire and heat)

Transition Essence (passing away)

Travel Essence (travel)

Woman Essence (femininity)

Carers Essence (caring)

Boost Essences (mental strength)

Men's Essence (masculinity)

All these bush flower combinations have a minimum shelf life of 3 to 5 years on delivery.


Recommended intake:

Please take 7 drops twice a day under the tongue (in the mornings and the evenings)


Ingredients: water, brandy, australian bushflowers.
Alcohol: 12.5% ​​vol.


Nutritional details:

• energy: 78.2 kcal / 328 kJ

• fat: 0.0g

• carbs: 0.7 g

• proteins: 0.0 g

• salt: 0.0g



Legal notice: Bush flowers have no direct effect on the body or psyche that has been proven according to classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc.

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