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copy of Balance BIO Bachblüten Just´s Mischung 30 ml

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Light, happy, confident, trusting, vital and creative life force is a part of your true nature, and although all flower remedies can take you ‘back to yourself’, this blend will bring you into the now, so you can engage more fully with life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you find it difficult to stay in the now?
  • Are our over serious about life? Lack trust?
  • Do you find it difficult to connect or engage with people and life
  • Do you find it difficult to let go and be spontaneous
  • Find it difficult to meet your own needs?
  • Do you want to be more creative and interested in all things.

This blend contains:

  • Bluebells – calm fears and depression and brings a reconnection with the self
  • Double Daffodil – joyful abundance, breaks up a negative habit of thinking
  • Primrose – realising a crushed spirit, feeling held back (displayed on label)
  • Cherry Plum – letting go of control and fear,  so it‘s easier to be spontaneous
  • Rock Water –a rigid and judgemental view on life, softness kindness, meeting needs
  • Oak – when life is all stress and struggle,  able to relax and rejuvenate, have some fun
  • Zinnia – letting go of the seriousness in life and being playful
  • Pink Cherry – surrounding yourself with a blanket of warmth and nurturing
  • Gentian – when discouraged by life, brings faith and trust
  • Water Violet – for engaging with life and getting yourself ‘dirt


Try this combination to unlock a spirit that may feel crushed by the difficult and heavy experiences of life. For being too serious, and when life is uninteresting and ordinary. You may keep going, but it’s a struggle!! You may not feel bothered to connect with people or listen to them. You may
prefer a lonely and detached life or perhaps you are hard on yourself? As for relaxing, having a laugh, enjoying yourself,  having fun, being creative,
well forget it!

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