• Nutripferd natural horse care
Nutripferd natural horse care

Nutripferd horse care for sweet itch

Nutripferd Natural Horse Care

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Often the horses' skin and coat suffer, e.g. in unfavourable conditions such as summer eczema.

The Nutripferd care product is odourless and creeping - so it goes on the skin and does not stick to the hair.

Cod liver oil as an emulsion was used in the 1960s for patients with minor burns. Advantage of cod liver oil:

mild, does not burn the skin

reduces itching and activates renewal of skin cells

can be applied directly to inflamed - open - crusted areas

gently removes scabs and keeps the skin supple, also important in case of mallenders

The Nutripferd care product can also be optimally used for existing lichen, grind, dandruff and skin impurities of the coat.

The risk of cracked and brittle skin is reduced.

This care product brings shine to the coat, mane and tail.

Application of Nutripferd Pflegemittel:

Nutripferd Pflegemittel is applied undiluted directly to the skin. Rub the undiluted care product into the horse's skin once or several times a day as required.

As the oil is mild, it can also be used on sensitive areas.


A positive effect is felt after a short time. 1-2 litres are usually enough for the whole summer.


Nutripferd care product consists of a special composition of cod liver oil and selected oils and is light-bodied and odourless.

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