Globuli Chicory no. 8 globules Just's Organic Bach Flower Remedies

Giving without expecting somenthing in return

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Globuli Chicory no. 8 globules Just's Organic Bach Flower Remedies

8 g

current condition:

-  possesive

- continuous search for love and confirmation

- "quid pro quo" expectation

positive outcome:

+ trust

+ abiltity to give without taking

In children the negative Chicory state produces a need to control. They need to be the focus of attention and  assured of the family's love continiously.This may be shown inextreme  agression, bribery, eagerness or flattery

Ideal for children and animals- organic- alcohol free- English quality product

homeopathic pills with Bachflowers


99,6 % sugar (saccharose from controlled organic cultivation from theEU),
0,4 % Bachflower extract.

nutritional information: per 100 g

energy: 1705kJ (407 kcal)
fat: 0,0 g
 from which saturated 0,0 g
proteins 0,0 g
carbs 99,5 g
 from which sugars 99,5 g
salt 0,0 g

Legal notice: bach flowers and vibration media are foodstuffs within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc.

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