Antarctic Essence 30 ml White Light Frequency Essenzen

Antarctic Essences 30 ml White Light Frequency Essences

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Antarctic Australian Bush Flower Essence

30 ml light frequency essences

The Antarctic Essence enables us to recognize what is really important in our life and in the situations we experience. It enables us to experience incredible calm, peace and quiet within ourselves. This essence solves the things that don't really matter in us and that cut us off from inner peace and oneness with nature. The purity of the Antarkis and the Antarctic Essence helps us to find our own pure essence - the innermost core of ourselves.

How to use:

Please take 7 drops daily, if necessary several times a day.


Alc. 13.3% vol.

Legal Note: Bach flowers and bush flowers are often assigned to food. According to current, scientific considerations, they have no influence on the psyche or the body. The statements made always relate to the energetic areas such as the aura, chakras or the meridians. They do not replace medical or therapeutic treatment.

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