Courage Organic Bach Flower  Blends 30 ml

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Courage Organic Bach Flower Essences Blends


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If you suffer from everyday anxieties or apprehensions, this blend of flowers helps to reduce them to a manageable level by enhancing feelings of courage and inner safety. They help you to forget the original cause of the problem, which is what often triggers the attack. For particularly difficult conditions these essences may be used to complement and support other treatments, as they stimulate inner strengths.

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Original English Quality Bach Flower Remedies

Courage Organic Bach Flower Remedies Blends

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do aspects of daily life worry you?
  • Do you keep anxieties to yourself?
  • Are you nervous? Anxious? Apprehensive?
  • Don't like spiders, Enclosed spaces? Trouble with crowds? Going out?
  • Do you have irrational anxieites?
  • Do you feel concerned about hurting others or yourself?

This blend contains:

  • Mimulus For everyday named anxieties spiders, flying, knives, nervous, shy types
  • Rock Rose For very deep hidden apprehension, frozen with bad dreams
  • Aspen Anxiety attacks, bad nights, groundless apprehension, trembling
  • Red Chestnut Anxiety for others imagining terrible things have happened, over-attachment
  • Cherry Plum Out of control feelings, rage, worry of doing something against one’s will
  • Honeysuckle Dissipates the memory of the anxiety so you can come back to the present (displayed on label)
  • Agrimony Inwardly troubled with anxieties, but hides them behind a brave face
  • Bluebells To sooth apprehension and give us a connection with our higher self at such times
  • Chamomile Can ease that anxious feeling in our guts
  • Centaury To give us the will to stand up for ourselves


Take as a three-week course, 7 drops  - 3x a day, then review.


BIO brandy, water, Bach flowers

Nutritional values: per 100 ml | per dose

Energy: 114 Kcal / 476 kJ | 0.55 kcal / 2.29 kJ

Protein, fine data, fat, salt: 0.0 g each

Alcohol 20% vol.

Legal notice: Australian bush flowers essences and vibration media are foodstuffs within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc

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