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Sonett produces organic products for domestic use. Laundry, dishes, pavemement, ...

Cleaners, soaps, desinfection -all natural, all organic.

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Sonett Softener 500g

Binds the calcium dissolved in water, thus allowing the...

Price €2.84
€6.76 / kg

Sonett Liquid Gall Soap 300ml

With organic vegetable oil soap Effective against fruit,...

Price €3.09
€12.26 / l

Sonett Scouring Fluid 500 ml

For gently cleaning stainless steel, enamel, plastic, glass...

Price €2.50
€5.95 / l

Sonett Laundry Rinse 1 Liter

Brightens up the colours, smoothes the fibres and softens the...

Price €3.01
€3.57 /1000 ml

Sonett Scouring Powder 450 g

Effortlessly removes stubborn soiling without scratching...

Price €2.50
€5.95 / kg