Sonett Starch Spray  & Ironing Aid 500 ml

Sonett Starch Spray & Ironing Aid 500 ml


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  • Starches and smoothes all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics, and has a gentle care effect on them
  • Your garments stay crease-free, dirt repellent and retain their shapes for longer
  • Delicate fragrance of certified organic rose geranium and lavender
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Product feature

Compared to conventional ironing starches, Sonett spray starch does not contain petrochemical silicone as an ironing lubricant. Sonett spray starch achieves excellent strengthening and care of textiles with purely vegetable ingredients (most of which are organically grown).

Area of application

Strengthens, smoothes and cares for all textiles made of cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics. Facilitates ironing. 


Strengthens, smoothes and cares for all textiles made of cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics. Facilitates ironing, even on dry and creased laundry. The laundry remains crease-free, shapely and dirt-repellent for longer.


Shake bottle before use. Spray the laundry evenly from a distance of approx. 20 cm and iron as usual without steam. If the spray nozzle becomes blocked, unscrew the spray head and rinse in warm water. 


Not suitable for silk, artificial silk and other synthetic fibres. Spray strength on the floor may cause slipping.

Product declaration

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5-15% 

Vegetable starch from controlled organic cultivation 1-5%

Sulfated castor oil <1%

Olive oil soap from controlled organic cultivation <1%

Citrate <1%

Essential oil (rose geranium, lavender) from controlled organic cultivation <1%

Water, whirled ad 100% 

List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004

Aqua, Alcohol, Polysaccharide* (Amylum solani), Sulfated Castor Oil, Potassium Soap*, Sodium / Potassium Citrate, Parfum*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Linalool* 

*certified organically grown

Origin and properties of the ingredients

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) is obtained by fermenting vegetable starch. In Sonett spray starch, it primarily serves to preserve the product. The actual active ingredient is the vegetable starch, which is obtained from organically grown potatoes. Olive soap, made from certified organically grown olive oil, and sulphated castor oil, obtained by direct reaction of castor oil with sulphuric acid, increase gliding properties during ironing.

Technical data

Density: (20 °C) approx. 0.99 g / cm³ 

pH value: (20 °C, 5 g / l H₂O) approx. 7-8

Keep out of reach of children. If possible store between 10 and 25 °C. Short-term temperature drops or exceedances are possible without damage to the product.

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