• Sonett Klarspüler, duftneutral 500ml
Sonett Klarspüler, duftneutral 500ml

Sonett Clear Rinse 500 ml

  • Suitable for all dishwashers
  • Concentrate, very economical
  • No fragrance
  • 100% biodegradable
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Product feature

With Sonett rinse aid we have a product that gives good results in the dishwasher - purely with ingredients of plant origin, without any petrochemicals.

Area of application

Suitable for all household dishwashers.


Suitable for all household dishwashers in combination with Sonett Dishwasher Detergent or Sonett Dishwasher Tabs and Sonett Regenerating Salt. 

The rinse aid is automatically added during the last rinse cycle and prevents limescale stains on crockery, cutlery and glasses.


Fill the Sonett rinse aid into the rinse aid storage container of the dishwasher. The rinse aid compartment should always be full. The setting for a total of 6 levels is normally 3-4. 


If a streaky coating forms on the dishes, the rinse aid dosage is too high. If individual white limescale spots remain on the dishes, the rinse aid dosage should be increased.

Product declaration

Sulfated castor oil 5-15 

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5-15% 

Sugar tenside 1-5 

Balsamic additives, from controlled organic cultivation / wild collection <1% 

Water, whirled ad 100% 

List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004

Aqua, Alcohol, Sulfated Castor Oil, Alkylpolyglucoside C8-C16 (Coco Glucoside) 

Origin and properties of the ingredients

Ethanol, obtained by fermentation of starchy plants such as potatoes, and sulphated castor oil, obtained by direct reaction of castor oil with sulphuric acid, reduce the surface tension of the water during the final rinse cycle and thus cause the water to run off the dishes more easily. Sugar tenside made from coconut fat and corn starch additionally supports the surface relaxing effect.

Technical data

Density: (20 °C) approx. 0.99 g / cm³ 

pH value: (20 °C, 5 g / l H₂O) approx. 6-7

Keep out of reach of children. If possible store between 10° and 25 °C. Short-term temperature drops or exceedances are possible without damage to the product.

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