Fire Essence Stockbottle 10 ml  White Light Essenzen

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Earth Essence Stockbottle 10 ml White Light Essences


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Fire Essence Stockbottle 10 ml White Light Essences

It encompasses the passion, creativity, possibilities and potential of fire.


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Fire Essence White Light Essences

Stockbottle 10 ml

This essence was made in the sacred region of Katajuta in central Australia.
It encompasses the passion, the creativity, the possibilities and the potential of fire.

One aspect of the four elements of the White Light Essences - fire, water, air and earth - is that they help you to connect with the respective element, to express it and to control it. At the same time, the essence aligns you with the nature spirit of the respective element. The fire essence helps to burn off one's own waste products - or impurities especially of the astral body.


It can open people for the connection to their origin, back to the moment when the soul initially made the decision for the purpose of the incarnation. And that gives us a "fiery" idea for our path. Therefore one is inspired and motivated to follow one's own path in life and to fulfill one's own highest destiny.

Therefore it has a very supportive effect for everyone who is going through a "dark night of the soul" by making them aware of the divine guidance and protection that is always there in such times. The essence of air enables the thought processes to become more fluid and gentle.

When faced with a decision, the essence helps to maintain the balance between the intellectual and emotional aspects, while at the same time it supports discernment.



Water, brandy

Alc. 22.0% vol.


Nutritional details:

Energy: 328 kJ / 78.2 kcal
Fat: 0.0g
Carbohydrates: 0.7 g
Protein: 0.0 g Salt: 0.0g


Bach flowers and bush flowers are often assigned to food. According to current, scientific considerations, they have no influence on the psyche or the body. The statements made always relate to the energetic areas such as the aura, chakras or the meridians. They do not replace medical or therapeutic treatment.


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