Australian Flower Essences Sensitive Plant
Sensitive Plant Flower
Sensitive Plant Australian  Flower Essences bottle
Sensitive Plant Flower
Sensitive Plant Australian  Flower Essences bottle

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SENSITIVE PLANT Australian Flower Essences


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Missing trust? Feeling unbalanced?


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SENSITIVE PLANT 15 ml Australian Flower Essences 

current condition:
  • - unbalanced
  • - pertubed
  • - lack of trust
positive outcome:
  • + balance
  • + calm
  • + trust

The Sensitive Plant came to Australia with the European settlers. Even with the slightest touch or even when approaching a warm object, the green leaves fold up very quickly and then show dry-looking spines. An essence is extracted from the Mimosa Pudica that helps people to separate themselves from the destructive feelings such as oversensitivity, insecurity and anger. 

It supports those who react closed or intolerant as soon as the slightest discomfort is felt, as well as people who are suspicious, afraid of change and emotional harm and therefore shy away from close relationships or friendships. This bush blossom is also the right choice for those with a low desire for physicality and the feeling of deep injury and suffering from unsolved problems. 

With the bush blossom Sensitive Plant, people regain trust in themselves and their potential, live friendships and relationships full of trust, enjoy physical closeness and forget about anger by accepting the past. By living in the presence of the present, inner peace returns, so that spiritual clarity helps to turn difficult situations to your own advantage. The mimosa leads to the realization that time is a great healer. 

use: 3 x 3 drops a day

composition: brandy, purified water (12,5%), flower essence

nutritional details: energy 78,2 kcal/ 28 kJ, fat 0,0g, carbs 0,7g, proteins 0,0g.

Legal notice: Australian bush flowers essences and vibration media are foodstuffs within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc

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