Nutripferd  4 x 500 g  Sommerekzem Pferde
Nutripferd 500 g  Sommerekzem Pferde
Nutripferd 500 g  Sommerekzem Pferde

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Nutripferd 4 x 500 g - straight feed for horses


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Nutripferd 4 x 500 g - straight feed for horses


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A 4 x 500 g can is sufficient for 6 months for a horse weighing up to 500 kg.

Nutripferd™ is an algae-based compound feed for horses.

Marine algae activate the positive characteristics of the animals. Users report the following:

Prevention of allergic reactions such as sweet itch.

Strengthening of the immune system

Stress is reduced

Susceptibility to disease is reduced

Gastro-intestinal flora is activated

Cell metabolism is improved

A clearly more beautiful coat in the short term

The practical proof was demonstrated in a field trial.

1000 riders with eczema horses were given Nutripferd™ for 3 months in June 1997 after completing the questionnaire published in Reiter Revue.

800 returned the 2nd questionnaire after 3 months, the SUCCESS was 72%. All riders could keep their horses "as usual", there was no restriction on attitude or breed.      

By the way, Nutripferd™ can reduce the use of mineral and vitamin supplements.

Application of Nutripferd

Horses (up to approx. 500 kg) 10 g (1 tablespoon) daily.

Horses (over approx. 500 kg) daily 15 g

Mares, pregnant daily 20 g

Foals, ponies (up to approx. 150 kg) daily 5 g (1 teaspoon)

A measuring cup is supplied.

4 x 500 g doses are sufficient for 200 days (6 months) for a horse up to 500 kg weight.


Nutripferd™ can be fed all year round or seasonally. Feeding all year round keeps the animal in optimal condition.

Initially, feed Nutripferd™ (10 g) out of the hand, with banana, apple, bread roll or similar favourite food of your horse. This is important to be sure it is absorbed.

Feed once a day, when doesn't matter, the important thing is regularity.

Later it can also be given over moist feed. Please make sure that it does not stay on the ground or get blown away.

In the beginning, treat the sensitive skin externally with NBS oil.

Ingredients Nutripferd

- Protein 3,8%

- Crude fibre 4,0%

- Crude ash 83,0%

- Crude fat 2,0%

- Calcium Magnesium Carbonate basic

Nutripferd™ contains minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and other elements in natural composition.

Mineralien /             
Spurenelemente   Aminosäuren   Vitamine   Andere Elemente
Ag Silber   Alanin   Vitamin A   Bi Wismuth
Al Aluminium   Arginin   Vitamin B1   Be Beryllium
Au Gold   Aspartinsäure   Vitamin B2   Br Brom
B Boron   Citrullin   Vitamin B12   Cb Niobium
Ba Barium   Cystin   Vitamin C   Ce Cerium
Ca Kalzium   Glutaminsäure   Vitamin D   Cr Cromium
Co Kobalt   Isoleucin   Riboflavin   Ga Gallium
Cu Kupfer   Leucin   Niacin   Id Indium
F Flour   Lysin   Cholin   Ir Irridium
Fe Eisen   Methionin   Oroten   Pd Palladium
Ge Germanium   Ornithin   Pantothen   Pl Platinum
J Jod   Phenylalanin       Rh Rhodium
K Kalium   Prolin   Karbohydrate   Th Thorium
La Lanthanum   Serin   Alginsäure      
Li Lithium   Threonin   Mannit      
Mg Magnesium   Tryptophan   Methylpentosan      
Mn Mangan   Tryosin   Laminarin      
Mo Molybdän   Valin    Polysaccharide      
N Stickstoff              
Na Natrium              
Ni Nickel              
P Phosphor              
Rb Rubidium              
S Schwefel              
Sb Antimon              
Se Selenium              
Si Silicium              
Sn Zinn              
Ti Titanium              
V Vanadium              
W Wolfram              
Zn Zink              
Zr Zirkonium
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