Nutripferd Bremsen- und Mückenspray Pferde

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Nutripferd Horsefly and Mosquito Spray Horses


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Nutripferd Horsefly and Mosquito Spray Horses


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Nutripferd horsefly and mosquito spray is a special insect repellent against horseflies, ticks, flies and mosquitoes.

Annoying biting insects can spoil the most beautiful day - for the horse and also the rider. Therefore, it is obvious to defend oneself against this nuisance. There are many possibilities and many products on the market. You don't have to kill the insects right away.

It is enough to keep them at a distance. That's why substances are popular that don't bother people or horses much, but have a deterrent effect on the pests.

Now, many substances are not particularly edible. For humans, this is not a problem; we can discipline ourselves and usually do not lick ourselves or each other anyway - with horses, this is more difficult. It is not easy to teach them to do without grooming.

But it is possible without poison!

Nutripferd Horsefly & Mosquito Spray is available in 500 ml with an economical micro-sprayer or as a 100 ml pump spray.

The effectiveness is in hours:

Up to 20 against mosquitoes

Up to 3 against ticks

Up to 8 against most other biting or annoying insects

In a comparison by Stiftung Warentest, the active ingredient Icaridin (Autan) was named the best repellent.

Application of the sprays:

Spray horses with the micro-sprayer as needed. NBS Horsefly & Mosquito Repellent can be used several times a day to renew the protective effect for horse and rider.

Also suitable for sensitive horses. However, it goes without saying: Do not spray in the eyes and nostrils or on open wounds. In the case of moulds, try NBS Horsefly & Mosquito Repellent on an inconspicuous area.


The manufacturer of Icaridin (Autan) describes: Icaridin is a safe and reliable active ingredient for insect repellents. In addition to effective protection against various diseases caused by different arthropods, such as mosquitoes, flies, sand flies, horseflies and ticks, Icaridin offers pleasant cosmetic properties.

Nutripferd horsefly and mosquito spray contains 20% Saltidin (Icaridin), neem extract and naturally protecting and caring oils such as citronella.

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