Nutripferd Testset Sommerekzem Pferde Bremsen
Nutripferd 500 g  Sommerekzem Pferde
Nutripferd Sommerekzem Öl Pferde Bremsen
Nutripferd 500 g  Sommerekzem Pferde
Nutripferd Sommerekzem Öl Pferde Bremsen

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Nutripferd Test Set for Horses Horsefly Spray


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Nutripferd Testset für Pferde zur Vorbeugung vor dem Sommerekzem und zum Schutz vor Bremsen und Mücken.

500 g Dose + 100 ml Pflege + 100 ml Bremsenschutz


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Nutripferd horse care at This test set contains 1 can of Nutripferd™, 100 ml NBS care product and 1 x 100 ml NBS horsefly and mosquito repellent. This way you can get to know these products at a reasonable price.

One tin is enough for 50 days for a horse weighing up to 500 kg and the two trial quantities for a few days to weeks as required.

Nutripferd 500 g tin


Nutripferd™ is a compound feed for horses based on seaweed.

Marine algae activate the positive characteristics of the animals. Users report the following:

Prevention of allergic reactions such as sweet itch.

Strengthening of the immune system

Stress is reduced

Susceptibility to disease is reduced

Gastro-intestinal flora is activated

Cell metabolism is improved

A clearly more beautiful coat in the short term

The practical proof was demonstrated in a field trial.

1000 riders with eczema horses were given Nutripferd™ for 3 months in June 1997 after completing the questionnaire published in Reiter Revue.

800 returned the 2nd questionnaire after 3 months, the SUCCESS was 72%. All riders could keep their horses "as usual", there was no restriction on attitude or breed.      

By the way, Nutripferd™ can reduce the use of mineral and vitamin supplements.

100 ml NBS care product


We are often confronted with the problem of horses suffering from skin and coat in the most unfavourable conditions such as sweet itch.

NBS care product is odourless and creeping - so it goes on the skin and does not stick to the hair.

Cod liver oil as an emulsion was used in the 1960s for patients with minor burns. Advantage of cod liver oil:

mild, does not burn the skin

reduces itching and activates renewal of skin cells

can be applied directly to inflamed - open - crusted areas

gently removes scabs and keeps the skin supple, also important in case of mallenders

NBS care product can also be used optimally for existing lichen, grind, dandruff and skin impurities of the coat. The risk of cracked and brittle skin is reduced. NBS care product brings shine to the coat, mane and tail.

100 ml NBS Horsefly and Mosquito Repellent


NBS Horsefly and Mosquito Repellent is an insect repellent against horseflies, ticks, flies and mosquitoes.

Annoying biting insects can spoil the most beautiful day - for the horse and also the rider. Therefore, it is obvious to defend oneself against this nuisance. There are many possibilities and many products on the market. You don't have to kill the insects right away.

It is enough to keep them at a distance. That's why substances are popular that don't bother people or horses much, but have a deterrent effect on the pests.

Now, many substances are not particularly edible. For humans, this is not a problem; we can discipline ourselves and usually do not lick ourselves or each other anyway - with horses, this is more difficult. It is not easy to teach them to do without grooming.

But it is also possible without poison!

NBS Horsefly & Mosquito Repellent is available in 5 litre canisters "for refilling", 500 ml with an economical micro-sprayer or as a 100 ml pump spray.

Effectiveness in hours

Up to 20 against mosquitoes

Up to 3 against ticks

Up to 8 against most other biting or annoying insects

In a comparison by Stiftung Warentest, the active ingredient Icaridin (Autan) was named the best repellent.

Applications of the Nutripferd products:

Nutripferd 500 g tin


Horses (up to approx. 500 kg) daily 10 g (1 tablespoon)

Horses (over approx. 500 kg) daily 15 g

Mares, pregnant daily 20 g

Foals, ponies (up to approx. 150 kg) daily 5 g (1 teaspoon)

A measuring cup is supplied.

One 500 g can is sufficient for 50 days for a horse up to 500 kg weight.


Nutripferd™ can be fed all year round or seasonally. Feeding all year round keeps the animal in optimal condition.

Initially, feed Nutripferd™ (10 g) out of the hand, with banana, apple, bread roll or similar favourite food of your horse. This is important to be sure it is absorbed.

Feed once a day, when doesn't matter, the important thing is regularity.

Later it can also be given over moist feed. Please make sure that it does not stay on the ground or get blown away.

In the beginning, treat the sensitive skin externally with NBS oil

100 ml NBS care product

 NBS care product is applied undiluted directly to the skin. Rub the undiluted NBS care product into the horse's skin once or several times a day as needed. As the oil is mild, it can also be used on sensitive areas.

A positive effect is seen after a short time. 

00 ml NBS Horsefly and Mosquito Repellent.


Spray horses with the micro-sprayer as needed. NBS Horsefly & Mosquito Repellent can be used several times a day to renew the protective effect for horse and rider.

Also suitable for sensitive horses. However, it goes without saying: Do not spray in the eyes and nostrils or on open wounds. In the case of moulds, try the NBS Horsefly & Mosquito Repellent on an inconspicuous area.

Ingredients of the Nutripferd products:

Nutripferd 500 g tin


Protein 3,8%

Crude fibre 4,0%

Crude ash 83,0%

Crude fat 2,0%

Calcium Magnesium Carbonate basic


Nutripferd™ contains minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and other elements in natural composition.


Minerals /  

Trace elements Amino acids Vitamins Other elements

Ag Silver Alanine Vitamin A Bi Bismuth

Al Aluminium Arginine Vitamin B1 Be Beryllium

Au Gold Aspartic acid Vitamin B2 Br Bromine

B Boron Citrulline Vitamin B12 Cb Niobium

Ba Barium Cystine Vitamin C Ce Cerium

Ca Calcium Glutamic acid Vitamin D Cr Cromium

Co Cobalt Isoleucine Riboflavin Ga Gallium

Cu Copper Leucine Niacin Id Indium

F Flour Lysine Choline Ir Irridium

Fe Iron Methionine Orotene Pd Palladium

Ge Germanium Ornithine Pantothene Pl Platinum

J Iodine Phenylalanine Rh Rhodium

K Potassium Proline Carbohydrates Th Thorium

La Lanthanum Serine Alginic acid  

Li Lithium Threonine Mannitol  

Mg Magnesium Tryptophan Methylpentosan  

Mn Manganese Tryosin Laminarin  

Mo Molybdenum Valine Polysaccharides  

N Nitrogen  

Na Sodium  

Ni Nickel  

P Phosphorus  

Rb Rubidium  

S Sulphur  

Sb Antimony  

Se Selenium  

Si Silicon  

Sn Tin  

Ti Titanium  

V Vanadium  

W Tungsten  

Zn Zinc  

Zr Zirconium  



100 ml NBS Care Agent


NBS care product consists of a special composition of cod liver oil and selected oils and is light-bodied and odourless.

100 ml NBS Brake and Mosquito Repellent

The manufacturer of Icaridin (Autan) describes: Icaridin is a safe and reliable active ingredient for insect repellents. In addition to effective protection against various diseases caused by different arthropods, such as mosquitoes, flies, sand flies, horseflies and ticks, Icaridin offers pleasant cosmetic properties.

NBS Mosquito and Horsefly Spray contains 20% Saltidin (Icaridin), neem extract and naturally protective and caring oils such as citronella.

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