Madagascar Essence Stockbottles 10 ml White Light Frequency Essences

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Madagascar Essence Light Frequency Essences


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Liberation from the beliefs of the crowd and the tendency to live out problems about illness.
Enables us to rediscover and experience the space of our own possibilities.


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MADAGASCAR Essence Light Frequency Essences

10 ml Stockbottle

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.
  • Creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance.
  • Clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras, thereby assisting you to become at one with your divine essence.
  • Enables you to focus on essentials, make sense of your life and thus know exactly what to do.
  • Removes alienation, not only from each other but also from animals and the land, replacing this with a connected gentleness and harmony.
  • Activates the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

Ingredients: Water, brandy, essence

Alc. 22.0% vol.

Legal Note: Bach flowers and bush flowers are often assigned to food. According to current, scientific considerations, they have no influence on the psyche or the body. The statements made always relate to the energetic areas such as the aura, chakras or the meridians. They do not replace medical or therapeutic treatment.

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