Pyramiden Pack der 7 Frequency Essenzen Stockbottles a 10 ml

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PYRAMID Pack Light Frequency Essences


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Stockbottles a 10 ml
  • Amazon Essence
  • Antarctic Essence
  • Arctic Essence
  • China Essence
  • Lake Baikal Essence
  • Madagascar Essence
  • Mount Pinatubo Essence

Volume discounts

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2 €155.68 Up to €16.39
3 €150.76 Up to €39.33
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Pyramids Pack of 7 Frequency Essences
Stockbottles a 10 ml

Contains following essences:


Amazon Essence (Amazonas) - connection to nature and the elemental

Antarctic Essence (South Pole) - Inner Peace and Oneness

Arctic Essence (North Pole) - Unleashing the light potential of the individual

China Essence (China) - balance between inside and outside

Lake Baikal Essence (Lake Baikal) - unite emotional and mental bodies

Madagascar Essence (Madagascar) - decoupling from mass consciousness

Mount Pinatubo Essence (Pinatubo Volcano) - pulsation of the earth 



Ingredients: Water, brandy Alc. 22.0% vol.


Legal Note: Bach flowers and bush flowers are often assigned to food. According to current, scientific considerations, they have no influence on the psyche or the body. The statements made always relate to the energetic areas such as the aura, chakras or the meridians. They do not replace medical or therapeutic treatment.


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