Love Organic Bach Flower Blends 30 ml

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Love Just's Organic Bach Flower Essences Blends


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Ideal for dealing with everyday situations that call for greater love, forgiveness and acceptance i.e. relationships, children, at the work place.
Particularly helpful when strong feelings emerge and there is a need to diffuse them and gain greater insight. Its effectiveness can be boosted if taken by partners/family members at the same time.

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Volume discounts

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Original English Quality Bach Flower Remedies

Love Organic Bach Flower Remedies Blends

Ask yourself this questions:

  • Having trouble in your relationships?
  • Is there a breakdown in communication?
  • Respond aggressively? Say unkind things?
  • Are you immobilized by your feelings? Don’t know the best thing to do?
  • Do you ever feel defensive or threatened? Touchy?
  • Feel unable to express powerful feelings positively?
  • Feel unhappy but don’t know why?

This blend contains:

  • Holly strong, angry feelings, jealousy, oversensitive, suspicious
  • Vipers Buglos ideal choice when disorted patterns of intimacy become difficult to cope with
  • Beech intolerant of others, fault-finding, blocked feelings, always sees what’s wrong 
  • Chicory conditional love, critical, manipulative, likes attention and one’s own way
  • Mimulus for general anxiety within relationships, for worries about intimacy
  • Pink Cherry for an enveloping sense of deep and unconditional tenderness
  • Marigold for when the spoken word lacks warmth, brings kindness in communication
  • Red Rose to bring feelings of romance with passion
  • Pink Rose to being feeling of romance with love (displayed on label)
  • Bistort to soften hardness and open up to receiving love


Ideal for difficult relationships of any form, lover, family, parent and child, also those at work.

When you are irritable, bad tempered, critical, intolerant, angry, withdrawn etc. Ideal for adolescents.

Might bring out why there are difficulties in certain relationships, in which case a further remedy might be needed. Fear for example. Often people fear closeness as they might have been hurt in the past. In which case try the Be Courageous for a while, or Be Calm if that’s all you have.

Ideal blend if one is unhappy and doesn’t know why, or is still angry and bitter over a past break up or from any bad experiences from the past
that might have closed the heart and made you hard.

This blend opens and softens the heart, bringing out a more loving side. It helps you to connect more lovingly and feel happier and more forgiving
with yourself and others. Helps you to enjoy life more, even simple things like the animals, flowers and the sky. You become more responsible for
yourself and stop blaming others for your problems, or expecting others to come and make it better in some way. You realise that the point of power is within
the self and you start to exercise that power.

Communication is always an issue with these type of problems, hopefully this blend will encourage some new beginnings, so its ideal if you are having couple counseling. Even counseling for yourself over past relationship issues will benefit from this treatment.

How to use this blend:

Take as a three week course, then review. Better results if both people take it and seek help if possible.

Legal notice: Australian bush flowers essences and vibration media are foodstuffs within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc

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