Vitality Organic Bach Flower Blends

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Vitality Just's Organic Bach Flower Essences Blends


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Exhausted, no get up and go? Lack staying power?

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Original English Quality Bach Flower Remedies

Vitality Organic Bach Flower Remedies Blends

Exhausted, no get up and go? Lack staying power? This blend of flowers is particularly useful when feeling drained after a period of overwork.

When taken as part of a positive move towards a more holistic lifestyle, as this essence will gradually recharge your batteries.

This blend contains:

  • Olive for extreme weariness after long period of strain, washed out, no reserves left
  • Oak for those who overwork, will shoulder the burdens of others, ignores impulse to rest
  • Elm temporary weariness due to a constant effort to perform at highest level, overwhelmed by too much work
  • Tansy for a lack of motivation, propels one forward with energy
  • Wild Rose for those who are low and bored because they have no interest in life
  • Clematis for those who daydream, lack vitality and tend to doze off a lot
  • Copper Beech for grounding and strengthens connection to the earth
  • Morning Glory for when one needs coffee/tea to wake up and stay alert
  • Nasturtium for those who drift into thought and detach from feelings (displayed on label)
  • Hornbeam for metal dullness, disinclined to do anything, needs stimulants, heady


For extreme tiredness after a long periods of strain.

For that Monday morning feeling, and needing endless cups of coffee to get going.

If you feel ‘something is coming on’ and there is weariness, take doses every fifteen minutes for several hours as it might help to ward it off.

If unwell, take alongside any treatment given e.g. Homeopathics or Echinacea etc,  or by itself if you are sweating out something.

When there is a lot going on and much is expected of you, this blend can be supportive, however it is not a substitute for rest!! E.g., moving house, a wedding, caring for someone new mums, young mums with toddlers, mums who have to work as well, people with demanding jobs, nurses
and teachers, traveling – the list is endless.

If feeling strained, take Be Calm morning and night

Take alongside other blends to give a boost, might be helpful in the morning to get the day going, or in the early evening when you’ve had a busy
day and you might have to go out.

For the morning after the night before, in other words, helpful for a hangover!

For weariness due to an unhealthy lifestyle, but it is not a substitute for good habits. However, Flower Essences promote self awareness, so this blend may help you see the error of your ways and encourage you to change your lifestyle choices.

How to use this blend:

Take as general boost, at the beginning or end of winter, or if just feeling sluggish or two degrees under. 
Take as a three week course and then review, or take as a single dose in water when required. 
Avoid doses at bedtime as it might keep you awake, try Be Restful to help you settle.

Legal notice: Australian bush flowers essences and vibration media are foodstuffs within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc

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